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Inmate Technology Services (RFP 23-001)
The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer does hereby announce that it is accepting written proposals from all qualified firms or individuals interested in providing the services generally described herein and specified in the “Scope of Work” section of the Request for Proposals (RFP) document. The successful Proposer shall prove by their qualifications, experience, availability, approach and plan for the work that he/she will best serve the overall needs of the Sheriff’s Office. The selection of the successful Proposer shall be at the Sheriff’s discretion and shall be made in a prompt manner after receipt and evaluation of all responses.

Update September 15, 2023. Please view addendas below.

RFP 23-001 Addenda 23.001.1
RFP 23-001 Addenda 23.001.2
RFP 23-001 Q & A
RFP 23-001 Instructions
RFP 23-001 Exhibit A Proposal Submittal Form
RFP 23-001 Exhibit B Site Evaluation Registration Form
RFP 23-001 Exhibit C Inmate Technology Services
RFP 23-001 Exhibit I - Inmate Phone & Video Visitation 6 Month Report
RFP 23-001 Exhibit I - Inmate Tablet 6 Month Report
RFP 23-001 Exhibit K - Current ITS VVS Vendor Contracts