Evidence FAQs

What are the Evidence Unit's operating hours?

We're open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. We're located at 7474 Utilities Road, Punta Gorda, FL 33983 and can be reached by phone at (941) 613-8237.

I've been notified that you have property belonging to me and I no longer want it. What should I do?

Just send us a notarized letter stating that you no longer want the property and we will dispose of the items for you. If the item is sold at auction, however, you are not entitled to any of the proceeds.

Can I claim something that I found and turned in to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office?

Yes, providing that certain conditions are met. Check our Claiming Your Property section above for information on these conditions.

How can I claim my firearm you are storing?

The return of firearms requires special documentation. Check the Claiming Your Property section above for details.

Does CCSO donate unclaimed bicycles to charitable organizations?

Yes. If your organization is not-for-profit and classified as a charity, send a letter to the Property and Evidence Unit requesting the donation and we'll get in touch with your representative.

Do I need an appointment to pick up property?

Appointments are not necessary, but they are preferred. Appointments are arranged Monday thru Friday from 08:00am to 3:00pm. Calling ahead to (941) 613-8237 is done to ensure that someone is available to help you, and that your property is ready for release. Please have your case number available.

Do I need to bring identification?

Yes, you will need to bring valid government-issued picture identification with your correct address.

Can someone other than myself pick up my property for me?

Yes, you may assign another person to retrieve your property with a notarized letter of authorization and photo identification. The letter must be addressed to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and include your case number, the name of the person you are granting authority, your signature, and Notary stamp and signature.

Can I get my property back if I am a minor?

Property will only be released to a parent or guardian, who must show legal guardianship proof.

How long is Property held?

Different types of property are held for different lengths of time. For instance, Found Property is held for a period of 90 days unless it is claimed by the owner. Evidence items are held until such time as they are no longer needed for trial or the statute of limitations expires. Statute of limitations may vary depending on the seriousness of the crime. Additionally, some items can be released pursuant to a court order or authorization from the State Attorney’s Office.

What happens to unclaimed Property?

Property which remains unclaimed by a legal owner will be disposed of by destruction, conversion to County property, donation to charity, public auction, or returned to the finder if a claim was made when the property was recovered.

Where can I find Auction Information?

Pursuant to FSS 705.103, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office will be selling the a variety of unclaimed, lost and abandoned property items through a public auction at http://www.propertyroom.com/. Items to be auctioned include jewelry, clothing, electronics, household items, sporting goods and other miscellaneous items. The public auction is ongoing until such time the property is sold or disposed.

Still have a question?

Any questions not answered here you are more than welcome to contact us directly at:

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Property and Evidence Unit, (941) 613-8237.