Notices - Business & Resident Alarms MUST be registered!

Mar 08, 2011 - The Charlotte County Board of the County Commission passed an ordinance Jan 24, 2003 that penalizes alarm owners for excessive false alarms. Many alarm owners residential and commercial may not be aware of how many alarms go off each year. More than 98 percent of the intrusion alarms received within Charlotte County in 2008 was false. With the Sheriff's alarm program we have been reducing false alarms each year, this year (2009) false have been reduced by 37%. False Alarms present a serious threat to the effectiveness of our Sheriff's Office and the safety of citizens. False alarms are costly and dangerous because they divert deputies from proactive crime prevention efforts and delay responses to calls that may be true emergencies. Owners receive a warning for the first two false alarms when a False Alarm Notification become a citations, $35, $60 and so on, the business or home owner is be responsible to send payment to the Clerk of the Courts. Once a citation is issued, you must deal directly with the Clerk's office, not the Sheriff office. Registrations of alarm systems are mandatory whether monitored or not you may do so at the following locations: District-1, Englewood, 6868 San Casa Dr., (941) 475-9005; Mid-County Office, Port Charlotte, 3280 Tamiami Trail (Promenades Mall), (941)258-3900; District-3, Punta Gorda, 7474 Utilities Road, (941) 575-5370, and also at Town Center Mall Office near Sears at 1441 Tamiami Tr. (941) 764-1533. If you have not registered with the Sheriff's Office and have not received a Star with a barcode, you will be in violation of Charlotte County Ordinance Chapter 2-5, Article VI. Registering with your alarm company is not the same, so check with your local Sheriff's Office.

To obtain this registration go to: and click on Crime Prevention, then click on False Alarm Prevention. On that page you can download the registration, view ordinance and even take a quiz to obtain a free false alarm towards you're account once you register.

You can contact Nick LiCausi, Alarm Coordinator, at (941) 575-5284 or e-mail, For more information on alarm registration

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