Facility Information

Charlotte County Jail Housing Pod The Charlotte County Jail is located at 26601 Airport Road in South Charlotte County and is designed to house 1,074 inmates. The facility opened in February of 2001 and is a direct supervision jail.

A direct supervision jail differs from the conventional approach because the officer is stationed inside the housing unit. This concept encourages direct interaction between staff and inmates to prevent negative behavior, and it groups inmates into living units that can house up to 64 inmates that can be efficiently managed.

The jail is a full service facility with kitchen, laundry, medical and dental services. The facility is equipped with a video courtroom for first appearances, arraignments and bond hearings. The facility is accredited through the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. The Facility is recognized as meeting the Florida Jail Model Standards and applicable Florida Statutes.