The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office encourages civilian participation in agency activities through its Volunteer Services Unit (VSU). County residents volunteer in six areas: Citizens Observation Patrol, Marine Patrol, Parking Enforcement, Administration, Chaplains and Reserves. Volunteer involvement is designed to have a direct impact on the effectiveness of deputies and the welfare of county's residents. Interested individuals willing to contribute a minimum of 16 hours per month should contact Volunteer Service Coordinator Trista Zimmerman (tzimmerman@ccsofl.net
) or download an application at CCSO.org and return it to any one of our four District Offices.

Citizen's Observation Patrol The core of the Volunteer Services Unit are the individuals who serve as the "eyes and ears" of the Sheriff's Office. They patrol in support of deputies assisting with traffic control at accident scenes, disabled vehicles and at special events. In addition, they are a visible presence in neighborhoods throughout the county.

Specialty Assignments - Volunteers also provide service in the following areas:

  • Marine Volunteers patrol the waters of Charlotte Harbor, the Myakka and Peace Rivers, and the Intercoastal Waterway in marked Sheriff's Office vessels. They also serve as mates for our agency's marine deputies as they go about their marine assignments.
  • Parking Enforcement Volunteers are trained and authorized to issue parking citations and warnings throughout the county. In doing so, they ensure that handicap parking, beach parking and boat ramps are save and available to residents. They also patrol roadways and can be seen in neighborhoods throughout the county.

Administrative Volunteers - Individuals who work in the agency's offices and departments answering telephones, filing and in general working behing the scenes lending a hand with the day-to-day duties of departments and District Offices.

Chaplains - Volunteer Chaplains provide faith-based support during times of need. They serve the general population as well as the deputies and staff offering aid and comfort to individuals during times of crisis.

Reserve Deputies - The Reserve Unit is comprised of certified LEO personnel who volunteer their time to assist with road patrol functions. These unpaid individuals devote countless hours in support of the Sheriff's Office; most of whom have other full-time jobs. Alumni of the Reserve Unit include Sheriff Bill Prummell and other key members of the agency's patrol and command structure.

Contact Information

Trista Zimmerman Trista Zimmerman
Volunteer Service Coordinator
7474 Utilities Road
Punta Gorda FL 33982
(941) 575-5367