Training Opportunities

Helping employees realize goals, achieve outstanding performance and meet community needs.

A quality workforce demands a significant and continued investment in training and development. CCSO is committed to the continued personal and professional development of our employees as a strategic investment. Our training and development programs focus on the essential leadership, technical, and business skills needed to support CCSO’s mission, and align those skills with the career development objectives of our employees.

Here is a sampling of the professional and career development CCSO offers:

Certification Opportunities - CCSO recognizes the importance of professional certifications for its employees in personal and professional development.

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies - CCSO has partnered with academic institutions to facilitate the achievement of both undergraduate and graduate degrees by its employees. Some colleges and universities provide academic credit for completion of appropriate web-based courses that are provided within CCSO.

Leadership Development - CCSO provides leadership training and on-the-job development to ensure that current and future line managers have the skills necessary to successfully engage and lead our highly skilled workforce. Training programs address the critical skills and knowledge needed at identified career transition points ranging from front-line supervisors to executive management.

Career Development - We recognize that the opportunity to grow and advance in your career is an important element of job satisfaction. To assist with this, CCSO provides career development workshops for employees and managers to provide each with the tools required for the development of relevant career goals and productive career discussions. It also highlights the career path options for key roles within the agency.

e-Learning - CCSO, through its e-learning program, makes it possible for all of its employees to address their business, leadership, IT and desk-top computing training needs regardless of work location or schedule. Our e-learning courses make it possible for employees to work on certifications and academic degrees as well as the skills needed for current and future job success.

CCSO is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer