Reserve Deputy Program

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Reserve Deputy Program is an exciting program that provides those who would like to volunteer as a Deputy Sheriff the opportunity to so.

They operate under the direction of the shift supervisor through the volunteer coordinator. Reserve Deputies take part in community events such as the Punta Gorda Christmas Parade, Frontier Days, 4th of July events, and Shop with a Cop. Reserve Deputies are part of the family at the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. There are two ways that men and women can volunteer in this unit.

There are two types of Reserve Deputies

A Reserve Deputy I has received full certification from the State of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission as a law enforcement officer, has completed the Sheriff's Office's Field Training Program and who volunteers his/her time to the office. The Reserve Deputy I has full arrest powers and may work alone, with full time certified deputies or with auxiliary certified Reserve Deputy II. You may find a Reserve Deputy I volunteering in a number of areas, including road patrol, criminal and special investigations, traffic enforcement and community policing. Because they have the same powers when they are 'on-duty' as a full time deputy, the Reserve Deputy I is authorized to carry a firearm, make arrests, collect evidence, prepare reports and testify in court.

Reserve Deputy I wear the same uniform as a full time Deputy with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. They operate a marked Sheriff's Office reserve vehicle assigned to the unit.

A Reserve Deputy II is someone who has either attended the same training as a Reserve Deputy I, but has not completed the Field Training Program, or somone who has received certification as an auxiliary law enforcement officer. A Reserve Deputy II derives their authority when volunteering their time when they are working under the supervision of a fully certified officer - either a full time deputy or a Reserve Deputy I. Just as with the Reserve Deputy I, a Reserve Deputy II may volunteer in a variety of areas, such as road patrol, criminal investigations or traffic enforcement, but they must work in concert with full or part-time certified deputies.

Reserve Deputy II wear the same uniform as a full time Deputy, however, there is a rocker under the shoulder patch that indicates "RESERVE". They are authorized, after field training, to operate one of the marked Reserve Unit vehicles.

All Reserve Deputies are assigned to a district, ususally the one in which they reside, and are directly supervised by the district lieutenant through the Volunteer Services Coordinator.

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Reserve Program encourages and welcomes interest in the Reserve Program. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 7474 Utilities Road, Punta Gorda, Florida today and join the family.