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Aviation Mechanic

Application Deadline: October 02, 2019 17:00

Pay Rate: Starting Salary $44,923








Bargaining Unit


Class Title

Aviation Mechanic


Support Services

Pay Grade

108 Starting Salary $ 44,923


Operational Support Division





FLSA Status

Non-exempt (FLSA Code)

EEO Category

  Skilled Craft


Safety Sensitive position



 Open 09/12/2019

 Close 10/02/2019

Oral Board TBA






Job Summary

This is skilled work at the Sheriff's Office involving the mechanical repair, inspections, overhaul and maintenance of airplanes, helicopters, and flight section equipment. Work includes responsibilities as assigned for the mechanical repair, maintenance and reconditioning of an extensive variety of fixed wing equipment in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations and manufacturer recommendations. Work is performed with some independence with responsibilities to include the inspection, diagnosis, installation, maintenance, repair and reconditioning. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Lead Mechanic and the Chief Pilot.   This position is considred essential under the Emergency Operations Plan.

Essential Job Functions

  • Performs a range of flight section maintenance and repairs, including some major mechanical repairs and overhauls, repairs structural defects, installs and maintains specialized equipment in supporting an aerial law enforcement mission.
  • Performs as a flight crewmember when needed on maintenance test flights, and operational flights.
  • Continually inspects stored fleet of aircraft and preserves aircraft and related parts as necessary.
  • Maintains the most up to date maintenance manuals for all assigned aircraft.
  • Performs other related work as required.
  • Maintains records of flight time on engines, airframes and other aircraft parts to conform to FAA requirements and sound safety practices.
  • Conducts diagnostic tests to determine problems and necessary repairs for flight equipment.
  • Ensures maximum availability of safe-flying mission-capable aircraft.
  • Responds to emergency service calls and repair as required.
  • Assists in ordering, receiving, storing, issuing and shipping of completed aircraft, aircraft parts, engines, props and components.
  • Ensures airworthiness of aircraft and/or aircraft parts by inspecting incoming parts and components on a routine basis. Ensures that flight crews are notified of any aircraft deficiencies.
  • Operates and maintains a variety of tools and ground support equipment associated with the work.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to read and understand manuals and guides associated with the work.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excal and other aircraft tracking software.
  • Ability to diagnose problems and recommend and/or repair both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to keep routine records and fill out standard forms.
  • Knowledge of aircraft maintenance for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
  • Knowledge of the application of safety rules and regulations to aircraft repair work.
  • Knowledge of the use, care, maintenance and use of tools and equipment associated with Airframe and Powerplant mechanics.
  • Ability to operate all equipment listed in the “Equipment Used” section.


Education or Equivalent Experience Required

High school diploma or GED. Requires FAA Airframe and Power Plant license or ability to obtain certification within two years.

 Mechanical experience with UH-1 and AS350 series aircraft. Two (2) years practical experience as an aircraft mechanic. Two (2) years of technical experience in the inspection repair modification, overhaul storage and preservation of aircraft, engines, components and parts. Must not be on any of the following types of probationary status: performance or disciplinary probation.




Equipment Used

Diagnostic equipment / MicroVib II Dynamic balancer/ Aircraft Scales / Multimeters / Torque wrenches / Micrometers / Forklift / Ground handling equipment / Auxiliary power units / UH-1 and AS350 series helicopters


Physical Effort

Standing or walking for long periods. Perform heavy physical labor. Repeated bending, crouching, stooping, stretching or crawling. Occasional lifting over 50 pounds and frequently lifting 10-25 pounds. Very frequent standing, bending/stooping on ladders and work stands. Very frequent attention to detailed inspection/reading/editing; occasional writing. May be required to attend out of town seminars or training, or to occasionally travel to perform off-site maintenance if necessary.

Working Conditions

Constant exposure to chemicals, around moving machinery, exposure to extreme changes in temperature/humidity, dust, gases and fumes, cramped body position and excessive noise levels. Indoor and outdoor environment, including aircraft hangar-shop type work. Work may require shift work, flexible hours, days and holidays which may include nights and weekends. Subject to being called out in emergencies as needed.



The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, marital status, national origin, gender, religion, Vietnam or disabled veteran status, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.



Date posted: September 12, 2019

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