Job Detail

Jail Intake Recruit

Application Deadline: December 31, 2023 17:00

Pay Rate: Starting Salary $34,784







Jail Intake Recruit

Bargaining Unit


Class Title

Jail Intake Recruit



Pay Grade

Starting Salary $34,784


Administrative Services - Jail





FLSA Status

Non-exempt (FLSA Code)

EEO Category

   Administrative Support


Safety Sensitive position







Job Summary

This is the trainee and first working level class in the series. Incumbents are directly supervised initially and perform a variety of tasks of varying scope and complexity. Provides technical and clerical support to certified personnel by completing a variety of tasks including, but not limited to scheduling, data entry and retrieval, classifying of inmates, processing court paperwork, monitoring electronic devices, radios, processing inmate property, Control Room, and key control operations. Work is performed in accordance with established policies and procedures; however, the member is expected to exercise tact and good judgment in dealing with the public.   Work is performed under the direct supervision of a Jail Administrative Assistant Supervisor. This position is considered essential under the CCSO Emergency Plan.

Essential Job Functions

  • Receives, screens, and directs telephone calls and responds or directs questions from the public; receives incoming inmate funds or bail and updates records and issues receipts.
  • Coordinates all issues concerning the mail including screening incoming and outgoing letters, books, and magazines for contraband and security/safety concerns. 
  • Regulates and monitors alarm systems, facility radio and video equipment. 
  • Accurately enters and/or retrieves information from various computer systems, including CJIS/NCIC/FCIC /in a timely manner.
  • Reviews, sorts, scans, disseminates documents. 
  • Organizes, prioritizes, schedules, and manages daily work which include, visitor appointments, inmate visitation appointments, work orders, warrants, supervising inmate workers and responding to requests for information. 
  • Performs other related duties as assigned. 
  • Admit and release pedestrian traffic to controlled areas using caution and strictly adhering to prescribed security procedures to ensure the safety of all personnel and inmates/offenders in accordance with agency policy. 
  • Completes the booking process for arrestees through data entry into the jail management system and associated programs. 
  • Facilitates the release process; updates computer records after ensuring payment of bond corresponds with what has been set by the court; runs warrants to ensure no other charges are pending; and confirms that inmate property and funds have been returned. 
  • Confirm warrants and process warrants for service. 
  • Maintains and prepares files, logs, records, ledgers, reports, and folders, databases, for court summons / warrants, crime reports, key control, inmate classification/release, visitation, and miscellaneous records.
  • Operates and monitors electronic security systems to facilitate the safe and timely movement of staff within the secured areas of the facility. 
  • Works closely with other agencies to provide updated information. 
  • Acts as a liaison between the public, other agencies, and judicial offices.
  • Work is reviewed for results, accuracy, and compliance with standard operating procedures.
  • Receiving and processing personal belongings of inmates into a computer file
  • Checking for accuracy, and placing items in an assigned property bag 
  • Reviewing inventoried items with inmate and obtaining a signature that inventoried items are correct.
  • Stores inmates' property and clothing during their stay
  • Returns property and clothing upon an inmate's release.
  • Accepts and properly stores court clothing.
  • Maintains and prepares files, logs, records, ledgers, reports, and miscellaneous administrative records. 
  • Records and tags abandoned property and completes monthly retention reports for donation/disposals.
  • Responds to inmate's request for property and properly records additions and releases.
  • Cleans washer and dryer daily. Assign inmate housing.
  • Reclassify inmates after sentencing.
  • Recommend inmate classifications.
  • Disseminates information to other agencies as necessary. 
  • Retrieves data from the State (FCIC), National (NCIC) Criminal Information Systems and other sites as necessary using limited access certification. 
  • Updates computer for court dates, dismissed charges, sentencing information, SAO nolle prosecute, and bond reduction. 
  • Make Identification cards for the inmates. 
  • Processed DR appeals and dismissals
  • Update Release list, DR confinement list, Inmate confinement list
  • Process inmate worker paperwork and update JMS
  • PREA reviews
  • E-filing

                                                                      Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

                                                                      • Ability to alphabetize, code, numerically rank, sort and batch. 
                                                                      • Ability to answer questions, and/or determine the appropriate area to which calls, and inquiries should be directed. 
                                                                      • Ability to not divulge confidential information to family and/or public. 
                                                                      • Ability to read, understand and apply court orders, warrants, sentencing paperwork, general policies, and written instructions. 
                                                                      • Ability to operate all equipment listed in the “Equipment Used” section. 
                                                                      • Ability to pass and maintain Limited access FCIC/NCIC certification. 
                                                                      • Ability to operate standard office equipment.
                                                                      • Ability to use reference materials, manuals and guides related to the work. 
                                                                      • Knowledge of CCSO Operations Manual, Corrections Operation Manual and relevant procedures. 
                                                                      • Knowledge of correct English usage. 
                                                                      • Knowledge of data entry procedures and practices, filing and basic record keeping, and standard office practices and procedures. 
                                                                      • Ability to accept supervision, guidance, and direction of superiors in a positive, receptive manner and in accordance with agency policy. 
                                                                      • Knowledge of the locations, functions, and personnel of the Sheriff's Office. 
                                                                      • Ability to be on-call and to have the ability to respond and report for duty upon being called-in. 
                                                                      • Ability to adapt to different situations daily. 
                                                                      • Ability to use initiative and independent judgment. 
                                                                      • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. 
                                                                      • Ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with co-workers, other agencies, vendors and the public. 
                                                                      • Ability to respond quickly and effectively to alarms. 
                                                                      • Ability to make simple mathematical computations with speed and accuracy

                                                                                                          Education or Equivalent Experience Required

                                                                                                          • High school diploma or general education degree (GED). 
                                                                                                          • Two years clerical experience which includes direct public contact and experience in data entry training equivalent combination of education and experience  

                                                                                                          Equipment Used

                                                                                                          Agency Vehicle / Radio / Copy Machine / Computer and Related Software / Telephone / Shredder / FCIC/NCIC Terminal / Fax Machine / File Cabinets / Electronic Equipment / Calculator / Fire Extinguisher / Camera / Video-Close Circuit / Moving Carts / Scanner/Keys

                                                                                                          Physical Effort Required

                                                                                                          The following motions will occur at least 30 minutes to one hour per work shift: sitting at a desk or table with some walking, standing, bending or twisting at the waist, twisting of the neck, pushing or pulling with one hand, fine manipulations with one hand, reaching above or below shoulder height. The following motions will occur at least 15 to 30 minutes per work shift: climbing, crawling, power grasping with one hand.

                                                                                                          Working Conditions

                                                                                                          Work is performed in an environmentally controlled building. Work regularly exposes the incumbent to moderate noise and occasionally exposes the incumbent to strong odors including cleaning chemicals. Work requires frequent contact with inmates and the public which exposes the incumbent to others' illnesses and to individuals that may be angry, agitated, or otherwise upset. Employee is required to work shift work, including weekends, holidays and overtime; working 12-hour shifts in a 24-hour facility. Job requires employee to have the ability to be on-call and to respond and report for duty upon being called-in. NOTE: All employees who have direct inmate contact are required to have a medical exam/screening which includes a PPD (TB screening) prior to job assignment. Any positives on the PPD will require further evaluations by the Health Department. Re-examination shall be given according to a defined need or schedule. This requirement is to protect the employee, the agency and the inmates from any physical condition that might impact the ability of the employee to perform their job in a safe and efficient manner.




                                                                                                          EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT


                                                                                                          The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, marital status, national origin, gender, religion, Vietnam or disabled veteran status, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.


                                                                                                           DRUG FREE / SMOKE FREE WORKPLACE



                                                                                                          Date posted: May 12, 2022

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