Job Detail

Food Service Cook

Application Deadline: December 31, 2023 17:00

Pay Rate: Starting Salary $38,350







Bargaining Unit


Class Title

Food Services Cook 



Pay Grade








FLSA Status

Non-exempt (FLSA Code)

EEO Category

   Administrative Support


Safety Sensitive position




Job Summary

The Food Services Cook is responsible for preparing meals for the inmates.  This person assists in training, inspecting, observing, and working alongside inmates assigned to prepare and serve food as well as clean and maintain kitchen facilities and equipment in the County Jail. This position is under the direct supervision of the Food Service Manager. This position is not considered essential under the CCSO Emergency Plan.

Essential Job Functions

  • Prepares, cooks, and serves meals to inmates to provide nutritious meals and clean kitchen facilities following department, state and federal standards using commercial cooking equipment such as meat slicer, convection oven, gas grill, tilt skillet, steam kettle and mixer. 
  • Inspects kitchen inmates daily for hygiene, proper attire, etc., to ensure compliance with department standards. 
  • Compares the amount of food items delivered to original requisition, inspects delivered food items for spoilage or damage. 
  • Stores food and food items according to established procedures. 
  • Trains inmates or staff in the preparation, cooking of meals and in the clean- up of kitchen facilities, equipment, etc. 
  • Reports problems such as fighting, stealing or possible health problems to the Assistant and/or Food Service Manager, and/or Assistant Jail Operations Commander. 
  • Prepares meats, vegetables, fruits, and desserts and oversees inmate workers. 
  • Determines the amount of food items needed for each meal based upon the designated menus and the number of inmates or staff to be served and assigns inmates to meal preparation, cooking and clean up.   
  • Supervises inmates cleaning the kitchen to include equipment, serving trays, utensils, restrooms, storage areas and kitchen office done in accordance with department, state, and federal standards and procedures.
  • Conducts serving utensils and sharps count after each meal. 
  • Assists the Assistant and/or Food Service Manager in training and supervising inmates assigned to cooking duties, to train them in meal preparation and ensure proper clean up and maintenance of equipment and facilities following departmental, state, and federal standards and procedures.
  • Perform other assigned duties including the cleaning and preparation of harvested or donated fish and produce.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of the proper use, care and maintenance of equipment, appliances and materials used in large volume food preparation. 
  • Ability to read and comprehend recipes, menus, invoices as well as Florida Department of Public Health Food Establishment Inspection Reports and needed to correctly prepare meals, document orders, correct problems, and stay in compliance with regulations. 
  • Knowledge of department and state health department food service regulations regarding cleanliness, duties and responsibilities as well as guidelines regarding the acceptable quality of food items delivered, etc.
  • Knowledge of methods for planning and incorporating special dietary needs resulting from medical, religious, or ethnic backgrounds into the daily menu. 
  • Ability to efficiently prepare palatable food and meals on a large-scale basis. 
  • Ability to plan meals for the economic purchase and maximum utilization of food. 
  • Ability to train, direct and motivate several unskilled inmate kitchen workers as needed for the orderly, efficient and sanitary preparation of meals and the clean-up and maintenance of kitchen facilities and equipment. 
  • Ability to compute or to determine the food and food items needed in the preparation of meals by using an estimated number of inmates to be served. 
  • Ability to determine the amount of food stock to maintain in order to prepare a week of meals based upon the weekly menus and to plan use of leftovers, in the absence of the Assistant and/or Food Service Manager.
  • Ability to communicate in writing to the extent necessary in order to prepare documentation and maintain records.
  • Ability to type reports and communicate through electronic media.  



                    Education or Equivalent Experience Required

                    • High school diploma or general education degree (GED). 
                    • Be 18 years of age or older at time of hire. 
                    • Minimum of two years (2) cooking experience in an institution, health care facility, or a large-scale food service operation highly preferred. Any combination of education, training and experience that would provide the required knowledge and ability to perform the essential duties of the classification will be considered.
                    • Experience gained on a month-to-month basis in a restaurant or related cooking experience. Completion of a large-scale cooking course may be substituted for up to one (1) year of required work experience. 
                    • Have possession of, or can obtain in 30 days, a valid food handler's certificate. 
                    • Basic computer knowledge.



                            Equipment Used

                            Refrigeration units/ oven, stove/ steam jacket kettle/ tilt skillets/ mixer/ dishwashing equipment/ cleaning equipment and chemicals/ computer and related software/ telephone / 2 way radio

                            Physical Effort Required

                            The following motions will occur at least 30 minutes to one hour per work shift: sitting at a desk or table with some walking, standing, bending or twisting at the waist, twisting of the neck, pushing or pulling with one hand, fine manipulations with one hand, reaching above or below shoulder height. The following motions will occur at least 15 to 30 minutes per work shift: climbing, crawling, power grasping with one hand. Ability to lift objects up to 75 pounds. Ability to communicate and respond to co-workers and customer inquiries both in person and over the phone. Ability to operate a PC/laptop and other equipment as described above Ability to handle varying and often high levels of stress.


                            Working Conditions

                            The working environment is based in an industrial kitchen environment where safe work practices are extremely important. Use of protective gear is required. Exposure to extreme temperatures, tight spaces, slippery floors, moving mechanical parts, sharp kitchen utensils, high noise levels and cleaning compounds is constant. Works with inmates in various emotional states. Work may require shift work, flexible hours, days and holidays, which may include nights and weekends. Essential tasks include use of various kitchen equipment including ovens, mixers, slicers, freezers, etc. and other supplies/equipment customarily used with large-scale meal preparation and cleanup. Incumbent stands, bends, reaches, sits and lifts food items, supplies and equipment. Additionally, incumbent routinely handles various sanitation and cleaning supplies to insure compliance with health standards regarding proper food preparation rules and regulations. NOTE: All employees who have direct inmate contact are required to have a medical exam / screening which includes a PPD (TB screening) prior to job assignment. Any positives on the PPD will require further evaluations by the Health Department. Re-examination shall be given according to a defined need or schedule. This requirement is to protect the employee, the agency and the inmates from any physical condition that might impact the ability of the employee to perform their job in a safe and efficient manner.







                            EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT


                            The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, marital status, national origin, gender, religion, Vietnam or disabled veteran status, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.





                            Date posted: July 19, 2022

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