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Pay Rate: No-Pay

COPS- (Citizens On Patrol Services), these volunteers are eager to be a part of the solution to crime in Charlotte county. The Road Patrol units utilize marked cars and uniforms, and serve as extra eyes and ears to report any criminal activity to a supervisor. This dedicated group may work in unison with other county facilities to accomplish the mission they are tasked with. Marine units utilize a CCSO vessel to patrol the waterways, and also report to a supervisor.

Administrative Volunteer - these volunteers fill a need for data entry, filing or answering phones, according to agency need and the volunteer's skills.

Explorers- a program designed for youth 14-19 years of age, who are interested in a future law enforcement career. The members participate in challenging projects and programs that serve as an introduction to the police profession. Regular monthly meetings are held along with other activities that are designed to broaden their understanding of the challenges and job skills needed in today's police service. The Explors program instills a sense of pride, prepares members for leadership roles, teaches self-initiative and skills to assist others in need.

Position: Open

Date posted: July 20, 2011

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