Citizen's Observation Patrol - Road

The Citizen’s Observation Patrol (or commonly referred to as COPS) are a group of volunteers that are dedicated to being the “eyes and ears” of the Sheriff's Office. They patrol the streets of the entire county looking for suspicious activity. They are dedicated to protecting their fellow residents and visitors to Charlotte County.

Citizen's Observation Patrol Unit The COPS accomplish this task by taking part in several special events around the county, working in unison with other county facilities to accomplish whatever the mission they are tasked with. The COPS operate a marked CCSO vehicle with “volunteer” and “Citizen’s Observation Patrol” on the sides of the vehicle.

The volunteers in this unit are eager to be part of the solution to crime in Charlotte County and have given their time and efforts. If you would be interested in joining the Citizen Observation Patrol, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 7474 Utilities Road, Punta Gorda, Florida today and join the family.