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Message from Sheriff Bill Cameron

January 06, 2009

It is the beginning of a new term and the challenges before us are clear. As a community, State and Nation, we are in some of the toughest economic times we have seen for many decades. Governments at all levels are forced to cut back resources in order to make ends meet as the reductions in tax revenues become severe. Public safety is a prime directive for all local governments and Charlotte County Commissioners have been very committed to keeping our community's safety their top priority.

As your newly elected Sheriff, it is my commitment to you that your Sheriff's Office will meet these challenges head on. We will work hand in hand with the county to ensure that no matter how difficult things get, your safety will not be compromised.

Traditionally we have seen that when unemployment rates rise, so does crime. People who normally would not consider criminal behavior, sometimes resort to committing crimes out of desperation. Families that start to feel the pressures of reduced family budgets and loss of jobs often lash out at the ones they love out of frustration. This tends to manifest itself in higher than normal incidents of domestic violence and substance use related crimes in many communities.

But we are Charlotte County. We have a proud history of pulling together when things get tough and we overcome challenges together, as a team, and as a community. I know we will do the same through this economic down turn.

The men and women of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office will be out in force driving the drug dealers from our community at every turn, making our roads safer for you and your families to drive on, and taking the known felons off our streets and putting them in our prisons where they belong.

When you see one of Charlotte County's finest carrying out their duties, take a moment to let them know that you appreciate them and that you support them. That goes a long way at assuring them that they are doing the job you want them to do and that what they do matters to you.

Thank you for your support!

Sheriff Bill Cameron

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