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June 03, 2019

As spring ends and we begin to make plans for the summer, it is important to review your family's emergency plans while also planning your vacations. In addition to hurricane preparedness week, we also say goodbye to many of our seasonal residents during May. It is important that those of us who remain here in the community remain vigilant for suspicious activity around the homes of seasonal or vacationing neighbors.

In law enforcement, we frequently train for emergency scenarios so we are better prepared to respond to them in real life. Applying this same mindset of preparation to your hurricane-season planning can lessen the panic and stress frequently faced when trying to make decisions about family and other loved ones during a crisis. In addition to helping to avoid weather dangers, early preparation and planning can thwart the efforts of criminals who seize these opportunities to prey on areas affected by the storm.

It is never too early to begin developing a safety plan for you and your household. Becoming familiar with your evacuation zone is key to understanding messages from your local emergency management team as a storm hits. . If you are instructed to evacuate your residence, please do so. When it becomes unsafe to respond during the storm, emergency vehicles will be unable to reach you until after the storm has passed. As you plan for the possibility of evacuation, consider how you will secure your home during the storm. Using shutters that lock can prevent thieves from entering your residence before you return. Secure belongings inside a shed or garage, not an outdoor carport or patio.

Securing your valuables is important year-round and should not be limited to storm discussions. While the summer weather in Charlotte County will be perfect for outdoor enjoyment, it is also the ideal climate for opportunistic thieves. Protect yourself against theft by bringing your unsecured gear inside after you have enjoyed your day. This can include fishing gear, small kayaks, paddleboards and any other items that a passing thief could potentially observe and take. Make your vessel a hard target for thieves by locking the boat and ignition system and keeping the key inside. Apply these same theft prevention techniques to your vehicle, especially when parked unattended in places like a parking lot or at home.

Information and communication are key to emergency planning and preparation. Take some time during your storm preparation to make sure you are able to receive communications from your local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Sheriff's Office. Sign up for Alert Charlotte to receive alerts from the Emergency Operations Center and download our recently released CCSO Mobile App to stay up to date about law enforcement activity in Charlotte County. 

Charlotte County is one of the most enjoyable places to live and visit in the State of Florida. Your Sheriff's Office is proud to partner with our community members to ensure it is also one of the safest. Take time this month to plan and prepare so you are ready for a great summer. 

Be Safe,

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