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Spring 2017

February 21, 2017

2017 Sheriff's Message for February


As I begin my second term as your Sheriff, I first would like to thank the citizens of this County for putting their trust in my staff and me.  I am honored to serve as your Sheriff and I pledge to all of you that I will continue to strive to make this County one of the safest in the nation.

Many of you know that Charlotte County is growing every day. With the sale of Murdock Village in the northern part of the county and the development of Babcock Ranch in the eastern part of the county, we expect a substantial population increase in the coming years. Of course, with that comes planning within the Sheriff's Office to handle that growth as we anticipate additional calls for service, traffic, etc., all of which comes with large population increases.

As in years past, this time of year brings many visitors and part-time residents to Charlotte County. These folks have a substantial positive impact on our economy and we welcome them each season with open arms. With the influx of our snowbird population during the season, we can expect busier restaurants and bustling roadways, which often lead to impatience and frustration. I ask everyone to exercise the patience and kindness our community is known for.

One of our biggest challenges last year was, and continues to be, educating our citizens and visitors about locking their cars before leaving them unattended. Many fail to lock their cars and leave valuables in plain view of thieves looking for an easy target. These "crimes of opportunity" can be prevented.  Please lock your car and remove your valuables. Don't become a victim! 

Many of the vehicle crashes on our roadways can be avoided. A major contributor has been distracted drivers. Many drivers are distracted by others in the vehicle or by cellphone usage while driving. Please do not text and drive. It only takes a second to become pre-occupied and distracted, thus becoming a contributing factor in a vehicle crash. Please drive safely.

Lastly, the weather now is simply wonderful. Get out and enjoy the amenities our County has to offer. Awesome beaches, great boating and superb golf courses await you. Whether it's taking in one of our picturesque sunsets or just going for a relaxing walk, just do it!  But remember, while doing so, please be courteous and kind to one another, remain vigilante, and if you see something, say something.  Together we can make our County a magnificent place to work, live and play.


Bill Prummell

Sheriff, Charlotte County

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