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A New Look and Outlook

June 12, 2013

You may have noticed some changes over the last few months in the appearance of our website and our offices. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about our new look and our outlook a little bit.

When you visit our website, one of the first things you should see on the Welcome page is our new logo and our new motto. For years our motto contained the words “Integrity, Honesty and Character” in some order. While those are all admirable qualities that our personnel strive to exhibit, those are descriptors of us. I felt the motto needed to be up-dated to reflect our commitment to the community we serve.

So you will notice that our motto is now “Integrity, Professionalism and Trust.” Those are not just three random words. They are in that particular order because each forms a building block for the next.

We expect all of our members to have a high degree of Integrity. Having integrity means possessing a strong sense of honesty, morality, goodness and being of good ethical character.

The men and women who work at the Sheriff's Office are skilled in the performance of their duties. To be truly Professional, we must be governed by our Integrity. Ours is not just a job, but a profession, that requires us to speak and act both publicly and privately in allegiance to our oaths of office and the laws we are empowered to enforce.

The third part of our motto is Trust - the trust of the community we serve. Trust is something that must be earned, through our Integrity and the excellent Professional service we provide. It is something that you give us. Without your trust we cannot hope to effectively do our jobs.

We are a modern, professional agency and we want to project that image to those we serve. So along with updating our motto and our logo, we are updating the look of our patrol vehicles.

We have begun issuing our new Police Interceptor vehicles with our newly designed striping and decals. The new vehicles have a more modern look to go with the modern design of the car itself and the technology being used by the officers. Even though we are making some changes and updating our look, we are still committed to making Charlotte County the safest place possible for our residents and our visitors.

Thank you,

Sheriff Bill Prummell

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