Inmate Contact

  • You may communicate with an inmate at any time via the U. S. Mail. For safety and security reasons, all mail, with the exception of legal mail and funds sent in for deposit must be in the form of a postcard. They can be purchased or computer generated which will allow for pictures to be printed rather than mailed separately. The maximum size postcard is 5 inches by 7 inches. Must be written in ink or pencil; no marker or crayons.

  • Legal Mail will be opened and inspected in the presence of the inmate to ensure that it is legal mail.

  • Two Magazines subscriptions are permitted and must be mailed from the publisher. (Magazines in excess of two subscriptions per inmate will be confiscated and disposed of.)

  • All incoming and outgoing post cards or legal mail MUST contain a complete return address. All mail received without a return address or an incomplete return address will be considered contraband and destroyed per policy.

  • Any items that are considered contraband will be disposed of and a Mail Contraband Form initiated, with the original to inmate's housing file and a copy to the inmate. Mail with a return address will be returned to the sender; mail without a return address or an incomplete address will be destroyed per policy.

  • All incoming mail should be marked with:
  • Inmate Full Name
    Booking Number
    Charlotte County Jail
    26601 Airport Road
    Punta Gorda FL 33982

  • Items that are considered contraband and not allowed in the jail include:
    • All photos that are not part of a post card
    • Polaroid photographs
    • Any pornographic or racially motivated item/material
    • Escape plans
    • Illegal correspondence
    • Stamped envelopes, stamps, stickers on letters
    • Blank paper, paper clips
    • Postcards with biohazards including perfume or lipstick
    • Plastic or wrapped postcards
    • Postcards with watermarks or stains
    • Postcards that have been altered from the original form
    • Magazines that could jeopardize the security or safety of inmates, staff, or the general public
    • Magazines that are sexually explicit

How to set up a GTL Advance Pay Account for phone calls:

  • Contact GTL to set up an Advance Pay phone account by calling 1-866-230-7761 or online at
  • There are multiple ways to pay for this Advance Pay account:

      At No Cost Advance Pay Account Options:

      • Mail a Certified Check or Money Order to GTL
      • Deposit to GTL via Western Union ***

      At Cost Advance Pay Account Options:

      • Automated Phone Deposit of $25.00 (with a fee of $4.75)
      • Automated Phone deposit of $50.00 (with a fee of $9.50)
      • Internet Web Deposit at any amount (with a fee of $9.50)
      • Advance Pay Account Close-Out (with an Admin fee of $5.00)

  • Money Orders and Certified Checks can be mailed to:

    AdvancePay Service Department
    Department 1722
    Denver, Colorado 80291-1722

***Western Union will charge their own fee for using their services to make an Advance Payment***