Parking Enforcement Officers

The Charlotte County Parking Enforcement Unit is made up entirely of volunteers. They have special training in parking violations and are authorized to write tickets for parking violations. Parking Enforcment Officers patrol any and all parking lots in the county, checking for violations of fire zones, handicap violations, overtime or failure to comply with paid parking at beach complexes and county boat ramps. The Parking Enforcement Unit operates specially marked patrol vehicles with yellow light bars to differentiate their vehicles from that of a regular certified deputies. They also wear a different uniform; they wear light green shirts with dark green pants and they are not armed. While the main duty of Parking Enforcement Officers is parking enforcement, on special occasions they will assist in traffic direction.

The Parking Enforcement Volunteers work under the direction of the shift supervisor while on duty and are scheduled by the Volunteer Coordinator.

If you are interested in a position as a CCSO Parking Enforcement Volunteer please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the Community Services Office in the Town Center Mall.